Autotuning of aftermarket EFI Fuel Controllers

on any brand of Dyno


Tune Faster Tune Better

The only autotuning software that tunes for both air-fuel ratio and power



Start by importing the existing values from your EFI fuel controller into the ACE Expert Tune software. existing map or a zero map.  ACE Tune will automate the process.

Run the motorcycle on the dynamometer at the specified throttle positions and save the run files.

ACE Expert Tune evaluates the dynamometer run files and creates a new map based on the existing EFI fuel controller map.  Power and shape of curve is taken into consideration as well as air-fuel ratio. 


The end user can run a default air fuel ratio or customize the AFR targets in each tunable cell as required.


AFR meter hysteresis is taken into consideration and can be calculated with a single base line run during warm up, so no time is lost, but accuracy is improved.


The new values are applied and dyno tests rerun at all throttle positions until the AFR and power requirements are satisfied.
As modern engines rev higher and as fuel controllers become more advanced there are more cells to adjust.  It's more time consuming than ever to deliver a motorcycle fueled correctly and able to satisfy each customer's needs.  ACE Tune does exactly what you would do when adjusting the cells in modern EFI fuel controller software.  The software, however, can adjust all cells in a throttle position column or in multiple throttle position columns at the push of a button.

With ACE Tune, you deliver your customer's bike faster, with more confidence that they're riding a smooth, responsive and powerful motorcycle.